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- Each items is cut and sew by us especially for you :)
- Your TMMG HAITI CAMO CROP TOP will look awesome for years to come.
- Premium pre-shrink polyester garment Great fit
- Super comfort and no shrinkage

Made in USA


The TMMG™️ Haiti Como collection, Inspired by Indigenous Army (Armée Indigène) that comes in Blue & Red, Green and Khaki with a variety of styles, and more products are coming from this TMMG’s Haiti Camo original pattern.

This epic TMMG™️ Haiti Camo collection inspired by the Armée Indigène means a lot for us, and it stands for proud, integrity, overcome, warriors, freedom and forever fighter.

When you wear this epic collection, is not just a piece of cloth, but is to have proud, and feeling you were part of the Armée Indigène that make the Haitian Revolution a success alongside with our descendants Jean Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, Vincent Oge, and all of the other militants who put their strength together to form this army and fight as one. 🇭🇹

L’union Fait La Force

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