TMMG Brand Ambassador Partnership

We are pleased to announce our Brand Ambassador program.

Each ambassador will help us spread the word about TMMG Clothing Brand, in return for special perks and rewards. We look forward to working closely with our Brand Ambassadors to grow the brand on a worldwide level. 


1. First, you have to sign up as an affiliate / partner by clicking this link You will receive a custom link which you should post EVERYWHERE! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Your Fridge)

2. Redeem: Every time your friends complete a purchase by clicking the link provided to you. You will receive 10% of the purchase via PayPal after delivery.

3. Up-to-date information about upcoming product releases, events and behind the scenes content.


Responsibilities of a  TMMG Ambassador 

1. Follow or like TMMG on various social media outlets especially on IG, FB Twitter @TmmgStore Give us Social media shout outs.

2. A minimum commitment of 2 post per month on Google / Social media sites. These may be articles, photos, or social media post with your affiliate link. Be creative and let your personality show through these post.

 Welcome To TMMG Family!