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✔️Loved by heavyweight Haitian Canadian champion boxer Bermane Stiverne

✔️Loved by lightweight Haitian American female champion boxer Melissa St-vil

✔️ Worn on stage by Haitian Mega Star Wyclef Jean

✔️Repped by Haitian Fresh, We Them Zoes, Gato Da Bato from Miami & Booba from France

✔️Admired by Haitian American Rapper Kodak Black, Jack Boy, Soldier Kidd From West Palm Beach Florida

✔️ Rocked by all your favorite hottest Haitian artist, celebrities and influencers, Haitian Compas Band, such as T-Vice, Djakout, Rock Fam, Izolan from Barikad,  Dj Tony Mix, DJ WHOO KID from G-Unit, Big Jim Rockfam Lame a, Comedian Chelo Chelo, Daniel Jean, Zoe Poze, RoodyRoodboy & MANY MORE HAITIAN CELEBRITIES ON INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE AND TIK TOK...

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