In the diaspora, many young people claim and defend their Haitian roots. If some only show on social networks or on music and information about the country, others are through their projects and businesses. This is the case of Zimaco Merizier, the young Haitian who immigrated during his Young Adult age, who wanted to put his country forward through his work. He has in mind created TMMG, a brand of ready-to-wear with coat of arms of the Haitian flag drawn above or the printing on the canvas slogans of the everyday life, along with many other legendary collections.


Having spent the first part of his life between Saint-Louis North and Port-de-Paix, Zimaco began studying computer science at Universite INUKA before immigrating to the United States. He continued his studies in computer science before embarking on entrepreneurship. "After I arrived in Florida, I quickly understood that the economy was built on entrepreneurship, so I decided to continue growing my own business," says the one who wants his career can serve as a motivation for young people who want to launch their projects.

His company called "Trillionaire Mind Media Group, LLC" says TMMG, is a way for Zimaco to contribute to Haitian culture, embracing entrepreneurship. While TMMG Clothing Brand is the best-known Brand in the Haitian community, but the company is not just about selling clothing. "The mission of TMMG is to work to change the image of the country and promote Haitian culture by exposing to the world what we have to offer, what we have as potential, which is why we created our foundation called Ann Bati Ayiti, "explains the CEO of this company whose products are mainly exposed on their or on different pages on social networks. Indeed, TMMG does not have physical stores yet but this does not prevent products from flowing “tankou pate cho”. A glance at the various reviews left by consumers on sales sites shows that satisfaction is at the rendezvous of the clientele.

TMMG is certainly a brand of clothing, but it works to present an image of the country other than that which is generally presented in the international media: "We are conducting several actions to help change the image of the country internationally. When we plan our upcoming projects, we will shoot or do photo shoots in some of the country's most popular tourist spots, by doing this we show the world core values that Haiti has to offer, "says Zimaco. He adds further that representing the Haitian flag through its products is a way for him to constantly remind his community and consumers of these products Haitian symbols and values.

You have certainly already been in touch with TMMG products. They are not only popular on the Internet, but also among our stars and celebrities: Wyclef Jean, Christopher Laroche said Freedom, Carel Pèdre, Mikaben or Izolan have already taken the love with TMMG products. Already the number 1 of the brand announces new collections and upcoming surprises for fans and supporters of TMMG. A strong advocate of education and training, Zimaco encourages young people to train again and again and above all not to give up the projects they nurture. He says his computer training has helped him to improve his business. Thus, he encourages all young people to go towards education and to face your reality.


Glorieuse Nelson

Journaliste | Le Nouvelliste



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