TMMG stand for TRILLIONAIRE MIND MEDIA GROUP LLC, that comprises TMMG Clothing Brand, Trillionaire Mind Music Group, and some other branches that cannot be revealed for now. This company was created in 2010 based on five points: Locate, Update, Secure, Share, Value. 

TMMG Clothing Brand makes clothes that are related to you as you like to be different, and the Record Label produces music that was created to be part of everything entertaining and for everyone who loves our movement, and who always support us in everything that we are doing.

We love what we are doing because it makes us feel ourselves, and have the opportunities to create, upgrade, innovate and think of better vision for others and to assembly everyone under #TmmgNation, because we see TMMG as a worldwide icon.

TMMG is a loyal, and legit company that all our consumers can trust, and we will always provide better quality than any of our competitors. These reasons make us feel so proud of Our God Brand TMMG, because we don't see anyone in the market that can do it better than us.

We need all of our consumers, fans and our supporters to know, they should always care about TMMG, and always try to get to know us, understand us, because we are here for them and to satisfy their desires. Our team will always try the best to make everyone who choose #TmmgLifeStyle different because everyone who is a part of #TmmgNation likes to be different. We don't promote negativity, so we stand against everything that is not right, we tolerate, accept everyone's life, choices and their opinions.


Zimaco Merizier

Founder / CEO of TMMG