Young 89
Meet Zimaco Merizier an artist who doubles up as an entrepreneur. He is also known by his artist name as Young 89. His artistic side is exhibited by him being a rapper, fashion designer, digital graphic artist and song writer and arranger. He also is well versed with computer programming.


Zimaco is the founder and CEO of Trillionaire Mind Media Group (TMMG), a clothing brand and a record label company based in Miami, Florida. Born in Port de Paix Haiti in 1989 and growing up in both Port De Paix and Saint Louis Du Nord in Northwest Haiti, he has achieved milestones that surpass his age. He left his birthplace in pursuit of education, landing at UNIQUA University where he pursued a degree in computer science. It is while pursuing his degree when he left Haiti for the US.

His interest in music and entertainment at large began from his early childhood days owing to the influence in his household.  As an artist and entrepreneur with a Haitian background, he uses the experience gained in the US to craft ideas for the Haitian music and clothing industry. He believes he can steer change and give the Haitians a better experience, combining their rich culture with new trends in music and clothing.

Zimaco enjoys mentoring people, sharing his knowledge and experience to motivate someone to be the best of them. He being good at achieving goals, he has the ability to build any project from scratch and propel it to the next level, a skill that has set him apart in the art and entrepreneurship field.
Zimaco is a hardworking multi talented individual with a burning desire to influence the clothing industry and the field of music. He fearlessly faces any challenge, taking the best to learn from every experience. Currently, he is working on  a mix tape titled “Vin Vann Oua Mwen” that is set to be released late this year.
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